Staxus – Raw Regret – Carey Lexes, Chris Cloony, Jack Roys

In sexual psychological terms, there’s no questioning the fact that Chris Cloony is most definitely a predator – a slightly older fellow who entices a young lad (Jack Roys) to visit him at his home after meeting in the local park. For all his fresh-faced, innocent persona, it’s clearly something that Roys appears to understand given that he brings a mate with him when he visits Cloony’s house soon afterwards. But even the addition of a blond-haired cutie like Carey Lexes isn’t going to prevent Cloony from making a move on the boy. Indeed, the unexpected introduction of a third party appears only to add to the spoils now on offer; as the more experienced guy sits his two newfound buddies in front of the telly, offers to show them an action movie and proceeds to bombard them with hardcore gay porn.

In reality, of course, there’s every good chance that the two lads would simply bolt to the door at this point. Here, however, they appear totally entranced when Cloony gets his cock out and invites the boys to try out the kind of things they’re seeing on screen – an invitation that quickly results in Roys and Lexes gobbling on dick like a couple of whores.

Mind, Cloony’s overall ambition here is to deflower their pert little arse-holes – and needless to say he doesn’t meet with disappointment. First Roys takes every inch of his dick, then Lexes – by which time any initial coyness from these two lads has been totally forgotten. So much so that the final minutes of this escapade are a frantic cum-fest, with all three guys left coated with thick globs of spunk for their efforts!

Format: mp4
Duration: 28:31
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