ShinyB – Eden Bello.. The Nosy Neighbor Part 2

Studio: ShinyBound

Now with the tight vinyl catsuit pulled on she wonders what he has in store for her. He shows up with box full of bondage goodies. First he eases her into a sturdy leather Bolero style straightjacket and fastens the straps tight. He puts a PVD bondage hood over her face and lines up the hole for her mouth. He blindfolds her over the hood and then places a heavy leather harness panel ballgag over the top to hold it all in place. He lays her back on the bed. Now that her sight is gone and her hearing is muffled, her other senses heighten. The tight catsuit on her skin is warm and relaxing and she can smell the leather of the gag and blindfold. He fastens some belts around her legs and pulls them into a frogtie position, and then cinches them down, spreading them apart nicely. He also cinches down the top "D" ring of her head harness to the bed, so now she is fully stretched, displayed, and helpless. He grabs the Hitachi wand vibrator and ties it in place over her pussy. "Now you’re ready dear.." He says. He flicks the switch and the vibrations light her up. It feels so good, but it’s so very intense! No matter how she squirms, she cannot escape it! She cums. Hard. She begs for it to stop, but can’t make out the words through the gag. She cums again. "Oh my god please make it stop!!" she cries into the gag… After awhile he comes back in. he presses the vibe deeper into her pussy. she thrashes and cums a few more times. He unties her and pulls off her gag. He asks her if she’s ok. Through the drool she mumbles "Can we do this again tomorrow, please?.."

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