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Delta Kobra luvs his daddies he luvs raw, spunky holes, so this one’s a double whammy of gooey, ozzing spunk. Delta sucks, rims and spit lubes Freddy Miller’s tight hole and when Freddy’s good and ready for a raw dick, Delta slides in ‘wham’ right up to his heavy, cum-filled balls. Freddy’s a randy bloke and eager to please stunning, thick-dicked Delta. The two guys slam fuck until Delta’s throbbing cock is ready to burst. Delta’s been wanting to shoot bareback for a while but saved himself and his double thick, steaming load just for Butch Dixon.

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I think Angel Santiago is named Angel, because that is what everyone hears when this hot piece of ass shows up. The heavens have opened up and dropped this latin hunk into our laps and I give thanks to porn gods every day for him. I am super excited, because this is the first time Angel gets to be a total pig bottom.

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Release Year: 2015
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You can feel how your dick grows when he makes a massage in your hair, the moment you note his big bulge under the pants,Scott Carter makes his dreams come true discovering his hairdresser Andrea Suarez is not onlyan artist with the scissors but fucking and feeding with his big dick.

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Troy Vara Gets All Wrapped Up – But It’s Sam Williams Who Gets Fucked & Fisted Like A Bitch!

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Unzipped stars four Studio 2000 exclusives. Jumbo Jed Willcox is currently one of the hottest hunks in the industry. With muscles to spare, a fuzzy chest, a huge uncut dick, and just a touch of the devil in everything he does, Willcox is the total porn package. Baby-faced, doe-eyed, prettyboy Matt Van Dorn has a bountiful bottom which is just begging to be banged. His slight build and innocent demeanor offer no indication of the dick-draining dynamo he transforms into when faced with a clossical cock. Jake Havoc has a gigantic joint which is massive in both length and girth. A consummate sexualist he tops and bottoms with equal élan. The lucky receiptants of his raging rod must indeed open wide. Delicious Devin Bleu is a newcomer to the resplendent ranks of Studio 2000 exclusives. Very blond, very gorgeous, and very versatile, this bronzed beauty has a man-sized uncut prick, low-hanging nuts, and a bubblebutt worth begging for. When Studio 2000 takes on a new exclusive you can rest assure that physical perfection is paramount. Delicious Devin Bleu will dazzle you.

Heading up the rest of the cast is suntanned sexgod Jason Ridge who is an utterly fascinating, voracious, sexual animal. His perpetual hard-on and explosive energy are awesome. Sweet-faced newcomer Tony Bishop has a super-duper surprise in his pants. In the middle of his dick, which is XXL, is a very ornate circular tattoo. Ink lovers will go wild over this enticing adornment. Brett Matthews is a sparky sexpig who tops and bottoms with ease, Tyler Austinn is a blond man-boy who turns out to be a very talented top and Matthew Green is a good looking dude that just loves to get fucked.

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There is only one other way to get to know your partner besides sex, and that is with a little question and answer game. Both our studs agree that the best thing about being the opposite sex would be having three holes instead of two, and of course the tits are not bad either. They are also both afraid of being trapped in a dark cramped cave more than on a rope bridge over a canyon. But when it comes to guilty pleasures, that is where they start to separate paths. Alessio Romero loves to suck cock, while Max Cameron really loves getting gang banged with a group of hot guys. And with that, the clothes start coming off as Alessio goes down on Max’s already ragging hard-on. With a little spit, Allessio gets his throat all the way down on Max’s tool as Max’s eyes roll back. Then it’s Max’s turn to show off his skills as he jumps to his knees and throats down on Alessio’s thick meat with a little help from Alessio’s hands on the back of his head. After a good face fucking, Alessio is ready to get his bone buried deep in Max’s hole.

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Anthony Romero has been working out at this gym for the past 6 months, and for the last two or three weeks there’s this guy that has been giving him the eye, or so it seems. Devin Dixon has been around for a minute, and the two of them have had some pleasant exchanges, but up to now Anthony can’t tell if Devin is interested or just being nice. Anthony has thought of ways to broach the subject and decided on his approach, so when Devin walks by him after sparring, and strips down before his shower, Anthony takes the bull by the horns, and the cock by the throat.

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Release Year: 2014
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Cast: Kyle Blake, Gunnar Marx & Hayden Anders
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Gunnar Marx and Kyle Blake have been fooling around with each other for a few weeks now. They might right here in the gym locker room. It’s usually just the two of them, but the whole affair started when a gym staff member dared them to kiss on afternoon after their workouts.
Since then, the two have naturally been very sexual with each other. As they strip down and begin feeling frisky, Gunnar Marx, a new gym member enters the locker room. Hayden can sense right away that something is unusual about the vibe. He can feel Kyle and Gunnar checking him out. Without much hesitation, Hayden pulls down his shorts and exposes his large, swollen cock. Hey, it’s a normal thing to do in any locker room. Kyle and Gunnar follow suit, letting their own massive erections flop out in the open. When all three boys begin stroking their pulsating, hungry dicks, Hayden realizes just what type of gym this really is! Kyle and Gunnar go right in for a taste of Hayden’s fresh meat. They’re so excited to share this new, hot guy’s fat dong together. After some serious slurping and bobbing, Hayden decides he wants to stick his face in Kyle’s ass. While Kyle enjoys this, Gunnar lets Kyle suck his firm cock. Then they switch so Gunnar can fuck Kyle’s ass for a while, while Hayden gets some sweet sucking from Kyle. After some nice, hard pounding, Hayden is ready to slide his dick inside Kyle’s tight hole. Watch Kyle gently ease himself onto Hayden’s giant, erect dick and take it for a seriously hot ride!

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