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Sex Gratification in School is the main star here. He derives pleasure in kissing, sucking and cumming while getting fucked.

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When it comes to Mona Wales, you can’t just slack off. This star deserves nothing but the very best. We are happy to oblige. We need more than just some dick for Mona, we need to crucify and invert her from the ceiling before we make use of those tight holes of hers.

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Two Masters hardcore punishment slave girl caning tied extreme.

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War Victims 2

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More lurid tales of beauty intermixed with committed in wartime by the dark side of man’s basest instincts against women made to suffer unspeakable torture and torment, in this latest offering from within the video underground:
Soft Flesh for Satan’s Slave Master – An angel of mercy becomes the helpless victim of a barbaric torturer. Under his cruel lash she is brought to the very brink of madness. There is no escape and there will be no mercy.

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Super hot Euro Fetish model getting nasty with clamps and gags, then pouring hot candle wax all over her body in true erotic fashion. Featuring pussy and nipple torment, extreme humiliation, rough oral endurance, and hard anal gangbang. Some women can endure more than others and on Pain Vixens the amateur girls are dangerously put to the test. Just how much torment can one woman endure?

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Description: Clips and clamps are an especially insidious way to torment her. They hurt so much going on, but the pain dulls after a while. When they come off, though, all of that feeling comes back, stronger than before.

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Strange Cargo

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Rain DeGrey does a brisk trade in human flesh all across the galaxy. She’s not so cruel as to sell her people by the pound, but sometimes they end up wishing that she had. Abigail Dupree is the next bit of cargo that she’s hauling, en route to the auction block on some distant planet. Every girl that she sells needs to be top notch, prepared to pleasure whatever hideous monster is her new owner.

A lively little that is sharing the hold with her finds its way inside of Abigail. It’s buried in her ass deeper than anyone thought possible before Rain notices and decides to give her a hand. If she can take something that deep inside of her then she may be able to fetch a nice price on the block. Rain just needs to make sure she can take it rough as well.

Abigail has never even been fucked with a strap on before, and Rain is a pro when it comes to pounding holes. She’s going to give her the most brutal dicking of her life so far, but Rain is well aware that her cargo is destined to be poorly treated in whatever new home she is going to, so she had better get used to a bit of .

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As her hands run all over Sandra’s body, she explains that her boyfriend snatched our to give as a birthday present to do with whatever she wants! And what she wants is to touch, tease and a cop until she’s done with them.

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The sexual tension between Elder Ricci and Elder Sorensen is electric. Elder Ricci hasn’t yet accepted his invitation to join The Order, a secret society of Mormon men based on erotic rituals passed down for almost two hundred years.
While he hasn’t outright refused, the brethren determined that Ricci would be taken out of the field and assigned to work in the mission office to be closer to the Mission President.
Every now and then, the President sends the well-endowed boy on special errands, and today he has assigned Ricci to go on splits with Elder Sorensen.
Elder Sorensen has enthusiastically accepted an invitation from The Order, and he is constantly looking out for new recruits and reporting back to The Order about his encounters with other boys.
But neither Ricci nor Sorensen know about the other boy’s history with the sex cult.
As they perform their assigned task, helping a local member move new furniture into their home, the boys can’t stop looking at each other.
And they each thinks he recognizes the other giving those secret signals that boys use to advertise their sexual availability.
Elder Sorensen is a master flirt, and has used his cute face and cocky attitude to bag countless boys and men.
Elder Ricci is a little more shy, but with his giant cock and cut body he has never had a problem seducing anyone he likes.
The boys work up a sweat moving the heavy furniture, and the smell of each other’s sweat makes them even hornier than before.
When the member has to pick up his kids from school, leaving the boys alone in the house for a minute, they have sex right there in his kitchen.
They know he could walk in any minute and catch them, but they don’t care. They’re so horny they can’t wait.
Once they’ve both cum, they quickly throw on their proselyting clothes and wait for him to come home.
On their drive back to the mission home, the boys are quiet. They can still taste each other’s cocks, and they wonder if the President will be able to smell the cum on their breath.
But as soon as they pull into the garage at the Mission Home, Elder Sorensen wants to fuck again before they go inside.
Elder Ricci is worried that the member will figure out what they did and tell someone. “We have to be more careful,” he tells Elder Sorensen.
But Sorensen just laughs and crawls into the back of the van. He knows they are not going to get in trouble for fooling around.
And even though Elder Ricci is worried, he follows him.
Elder Sorensen has the hottest hole Ricci has ever seen, and he wants to stuff his cock in it no matter what.

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