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We readjust Angel’s breast bondage to properly bring up those massive breasts to their full glory. Angel is loopy and dazed from the overload of cock she has been served so far and we aim to overload her until her brains melt right out of her ears. Angel keeps her mouth hole open wide to signal her eagerness for the dick. We lay her down on the fuckbed and oblige. Both cocks ragdoll fuck Angel until her eyes are rattling in her skull.

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Studio: T B C
Cast: Wenona
Genres: BDSM, Bondage
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Sexy Wenona loves to lie bound and get an orgasm from work vibrator. Download and enjoy!

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Release Year: 2014
Cast: Jessie Andrews
Genres: Blowjob, Facial, Blondes, Hardcore, Deepthroat, BDSM
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Jessie Andrews is a rich bitch and her neighbor has had his eye on her for awhile.He knows exactly what she needs. When he makes

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It’s every model’s nightmare. Cherie DeVille has been working with PD on what she thought was going to be a simple shoot. But he is a demanding director and everything she does is wrong. He seems normal enough, at first, but once he has her locked into the bondage things start to get out of control fast. She wakes up chained to the wall, straight-jacketed and terrified, wondering what the hell he has planned.

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Studio: DeviantOtter

I dont intend on repeating too many guys on here, but my Pup really wanted to have a threeway with Dakota after watching all the footage from the first vid. Dakotas the man. There are very few bottoms that Ive met in my life who can take a dick, toy, fist, baseball bat, etc for the amount of time of this kid can so it was a great challenge for me and Pup. After a visit from Aunt Molly, pup and I fucked and DPed him every way possible we could think…And then went back for more.

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Cast: Lucas Vick, Trent Davis
Genres: Anal, Condom, Kissing, Rimming, Blow Job

Everyone knows how I love matching up total opposites. If I have a tall slender guy in a video I may match him up with someone who’s really short and muscular. Or I might mix a hot Latino guy with honey brown skin with a milky white redhead. But sometimes the mood strikes me to pair a couple of guys who have the very same look and build. Lucas Vick and Trent Davis are two guys that are both hot as fuck, are the same height, adorable faces, and lightly hairy (a personal favorite of mine).

I’ve been really enjoying watching Lucas come out of his shell. I remember the first time he was here and just did a simple jackoff video, not sure if he would want to pursue things further, and look at him now. And Trent, well Trent always does a great job. He charmed a lot of the members right from the start on his first stint on Randy Blue Live and people are always telling me how they want to see more of him. And the best part is that they look so good while spooned together during some delicious ass fucking.

Trent just couldn’t wait for Lucas to ram his manmeat into his tight little hole and Lucas had the time of his life getting to bang a hottie like Trent. I couldn’t help notice that their moans of pleasure sounded very similar, and at one point I couldn’t tell which was which. They were both so horned up and lost in the moment that they almost synchronized. It’s really a hot thing to watch. And Lucas must have hit Trent in all the right places judging from the huge stream of jizz he shot all over his chest.

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I wonder if Hungarians have their name for a reason? I met this discreet Hungarian bro on grindr. He lives up in Qeens and I had to travel hella far to meet him. His girl friend was out of town so he was free to fuck ass while she was gone. Luckily for me I had an ass he could fuck. He also had seen my porn and wanted to see himself fucking me in the site. Which made me question his "gf" story. But he had this huge dick that I couldn’t say no to and I’m always happy to share any breeding session with you guys. He didn’t want to fuck in the house for some reason. So we had to fuck right outside the door off the street. We could see the very tops of people’s heads walking by. His dick felt so fucking amazing. A thick 9 inches of raw uncut dick overflowing my hole with all that Arian spunk. I loved it!! You guys will too!!

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Release Year: 2014
Studio: KristenBjorn

Kristen Bjorn‘s latest bareback movie “Strangers in Prague 2” continues with scene 5 starring 4 muscle men: Marco Rubi, Diego Lauzen, Wagner Vittoria & Tomas Friedel. Our favourite Brazilian porn couple, Diego and Wagner fuck each other raw. Also, Italian power bottom Marco Rubi gets barebacked by Tomas Friedel! Enjoy

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Studio: Randy Blue

Johnny Hazzard and Spencer Jones get off on an afternoon of blow jobs, rim jobs and ass fucking.

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Sometimes when youre sleeping, youre not noticing the good things coming. Check out the smooth-skinned twink deep in his dreams here, lying almost naked on the bed. Two older men crash into the room and start touching him – and themselves. See as their tools get hard, and the awakened boy, grateful for the caresses, starts blowing the salamis straight away. Very soon the boy is sandwiched between the two horny men. Watch them connect, plugged into each other, moving and stroking themselves until cum hits the twink face.

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