Release Year: 2014
Genres: BDSM, Bondage, Rope Bondage, Submission, Domination, Torture, Spanking

What keeps Casey Calvert cumming back for more? That’s simple. It’s the special blend of corporal punishment and intense rope bondage that has made we the gold standard for so long. Take one trussed up model and hand her over to Jack Hammer for a bit of fun and you will never be disappointed. Neither will she.

It’s been a while since Casey has had a day of fun with rope. She starts off tied to a chair, testing her bondage and moaning softly into the ball gag. She isn’t much of a screamer, honestly. Some girls hate the corporal punishment and let you know at the top of their lungs, but this beauty must love it because instead of a wail, every strike of the cane is met with the kind of hearty grunts and moans that signal how horny she is becoming.

They’re the precursor to intense, body rocking orgasms. Every time she cums she bucks wildly as if she’s about to explode. The way the clamps hold her pussy open, the vibrator is resting directly against her clit. It’s the most powerful hand-held toy in the world and she can’t get away from it, even if she wanted to.

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Gabriel Taurus puts his fat, uncut cock to work hammering it deep into Mario Domenech’s all-to-eager asshole. After a generous fuck session Gabriel unleashes his hot white cum all over the room before shoving it back into Mario’s hole and fucking the cum out of him.

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Classic Entertainment gay guys that first caress each other after the transition to the hard anal orgasm at the end.

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Release Year: 2016
Cast: Cash Lockhart & Corbin Colby
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Imagine walking into a room and seeing the captain of the swim team and captain of the wrestling team having hot, bareback sex. That’s literally what this video is. Cash told us he used to be the captain of his swim team in school, and Corbin the captain of his wrestling team. Both of these boys love sucking cock, but not as much as Cash loved taking Corbin’s fat 8″ cock and load. Corbin has ass for days, so plan on seeing it get fucked good real soon too!

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This boy recently decided that he wants the whole world to know he’s a proud cocksucker and gave me permission to post his hood-free audition video from 3 years ago.

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Studio: ActiveDuty

Below’s a pleasant flavor of some ol’ designed fun! If you have a man like Dominic included, the feeling is likely to be attractive and gentle, you are able to

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Release Year: 2016
Cast: Rocco Steele, Raul Korso
Genres: Anal Sex, Blowjob, Hunks, Muscles, Big Dicks, Spanking, Tattoos, Latinos, Uncut, Facial Cumshots
Video language: English

Monstercock Daddy Rocco Steele is back in our today´s update.He meets lebanese/italian bottom Raul Korso in this sunny episode and fucks him relentlessly until his ass is sore. But Rocco doesn´t stop then! He goes on sliding his thick raw pole in and out of Raul´s hole and enjoys his moaning and lustful pain.In the end he shoots his load on Raul´s hole and and sticks his juicy fuckmeat right back in, using his cum as a lube.

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The sleazy bareback action continues at Inn Leather, in Fort Lauderdale, with fuck buddies Ethan Palmer and Justin Case. And speaking of which, just in case you’re just now joining us, Ethan was spit roasted and tagteam fucked by daddy/boy duo Victor and Jusin in part 1. Ethan, who truly enjoys being skewered, in part 2 now gets his holes well and truly used and stretched out. He’s stuffed full of big cock and royally plowed bareback by Justin and Victor, who keep trading back and forth. The fuck is rough and hard and fast and furious. In fact, they fuck so hard and rough we thought the fuck bench was going to collapse! But that work held, and so did Ethan, whose screams filled the room, used and fucked stoopid!

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Cast: Walid le Zobeur & Anal Fury
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Walid the Zobeur was dumped by his girlfriend. This is not the first time, either. Reassure yourself that did not cry. The rebeu chav connects to the chat for a good pti banging guy ass or getting sucked his dick Arabic. Rapidos it falls on a guy whose nickname was more than talking: Anal Fury. Half an hour later, the bogoss cefran to look bad boy, arrives in the HLM Walid and goes directly to pump the cock of rebeu. Actually, a good suck tail rebeu knees and lick his hairy balls, that’s all the guy gets off. Good nikeur city of Walid was quickly identified the experienced nature of its subject liabilities. He starts fingering her ass and slapping her buttocks. Although open and prepared to get screwed, Anal Fury gives himself completely. Walid imposes a flurry of blows cock in her ass and fucks like his ex girl.

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