DreamboyBondage Julian – Wages Of Sin – Chapter 8

Julian is beginning to realize he is being tortured not on because of the law – as punishment for fucking a maiden – but because the guard abusing him is sexually aroused by his muscular body and how it responds to torture. The guard is constantly stroking his muscles and squeezing his ass. Julian hears him moan in pleasure as his physique trembles and contracts from the pain of the whip. But there is nothing he can do. He must lie there and take it. His naked body is stretched on the rack. The soles of his feet are beaten with a crop. His ass, legs and back are whipped. Then his fresh wounds are sprayed with rubbing . Anthony gives the rack a final turn, stretching the bodybuilder’s spine to the point of pure pain then walks out of the room, leaving Julian completely alone, in agony.

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