Studio: Randy Blue

Dean Carl does his first hardcore duo with the sexy tattooed Spencer Jones.

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We’re cruising around looking around a real man to bait today. After a few fails by the college we found a guy in a parking lot on the phone. Elle worked her sweet magic and lured him into the bus by saying she was trying to become a massage therapist. After he got baited and really pissed off we calmed him down with some cash, and he happily fucked Steve in the ass.

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Release Year: 2014
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He is a “natural bottom” who likes to tan and have fun, getting fucked by big cocks; “the darker the better.” Chatting about his first time, I think we can all relate to the awkwardness of being 18, but he knows what he likes.

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Release Year: 2014
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Seth Santoro and Alessio Romero want to get to know each other better. And what better way to get personal on a hot day than a little Truth and Stare (tighty-whiteys for Seth in case you were wondering)? These two studs are definitely working up an appetite for each other, so once the question of which body part is their favorite rolls around Seth’s eyes light up when Alessio says he likes a nice hot ass to play with.

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Chris and Luke meet for one on one Volleyball training. Seems like they want to play with more then just the Volleyball. They size each other up. Liking what they saw. Chris and Luke wanted to have some fun before the training started. They found a nice hidden spot to fuck. They sucked each others cock, making it nice and hard. Prepping for a nice anal fucking scene. All of this out in public. More like Mother Nature. You can hear the birds chirping and you smell the Anal sex in the air.

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Studio: Hot House

Brian Bonds hard cock bobs in the water of his outdoor bath. Checking to make sure hes really alone, he starts playing with himself, stroking his thick cock just above the surface of the water. Thats when Ryan Rose suddenly walks into the yard. Brian is startled, but Ryan assertively whips out his big, long cock and guides Brians lips all the way down the shaft. Having a dick in his mouth gets Brian even hornier, and he shows it by stroking his own rock hard cock.
Ryans not going to settle for just a blowjob; he positions Brian for a rimming and goes to town. Ryans hands tightly grip Brians ass, leaving pink imprints behind. All revved up and ready to fuck, Ryan penetrates Brians hole.
Ryans topping is focused and intense, and the two muscled studs sweat in the summer heat as they grind themselves together gie style. But one position isnt enough: Ryan sits on the edge of the tub with his throbbing cock straight up in the air, and Brian sits down on Ryans cock, riding it up and down until Ryans ready to unleash a torrent of cum all over Brians face.

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Cast: Landon Conrad, Brad Star
Genres: Anal, Condom, Oral, Hunk

Landon Conrad’s scored big time as Brad Star eagerly snatches up the hot property. As is his custom, Landon suggests to the new homeowner that they break in the house with a celebratory suck-n-fuck. Brad welcomes the idea and they start to party hearty. Landon goes down on Brad’s horsedick, making the big man swoon and coo. The randy realtor sucks cock and eats ass like the pro he is while Brad responds by fingering and playing with his ass. Brad gets his turn to nurse on Landon’s dick and he savors every inch of manmeat as it slides through his clamped lips. Landon then straddles Brad, screws himself onto his stiff staff and begins to bounce up and down. His moans and groans grow louder and faster as Brad continues fucking him in different poses until both men reach their boiling point and erupt with two hefty loads.

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Studio: BoyCrush

Could this be the perfect couple? We think it just might be. We have boner-inducing Ryan on the bed with smooth and horny bottom Andy for this video, and Andy is ready to give the boy his hard cock in every single way he can think of! They get started with some truly delicious cock sucking, but the ass action is what we’re really here for, and you will cum just as hard as they do after seeing them going at it!

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Dakota Knox is a gorgeous lad with a hot ass in need of some action, and although his guest is a little worried about the boys finding him balls-deep in their horny, once Jason Sparks gets a look at that delicious dick there’s no stopping him!

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